Parenting Workshops

A comprehensive parenting workshop is held the first Saturday of every month. This workshop experience is both educational and interactive. The small group setting allows individual concerns to be addressed. And because of the intimacy of the group, the opportunity to explore and develop strategies for your particular situation is encouraged.

During the workshop you will learn parental strategies for children of all ages. Parents are provided with skills to understand developmental stages and manage emotional and behavioral issues.

This is an opportunity for parents to explore their own strengths and areas that may need improvement as well as to provide support to make constructive changes in parenting styles. The workshop allows participants to understand how the roles of parents differ based on familial/cultural history. It also outlines how working together utilizing each other's strengths improves communication and behavioral responsiveness from children and adolescents.

The workshop is two hours (9:00 AM - 11:00 AM) the first Saturday of every month. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED and the cost is $75.00 per individual or $130.00 per parenting couple.

To reserve your place in the workshop or to discuss how the workshop can meet your particular needs, please contact your Psych Advisor at 714.847.8022.