Career Development

If you discover that you are constantly frustrated, moody, or anxious in your present position, you may be experiencing "burn out." You are not alone. It may take years of uninspired assignments and the sense that you have hit the "glass ceiling," but whatever the situation, change is necessary to re-energize your interest and enthusiasm. You may need to redefine yourself or plan a strategy for finding a more exciting and lucrative career. Having an advisor working with you can create dynamic change, leading to a position that best meets your creative, intellectual, and financial goals.

It is important to continually upgrade your skills and prepare for employment opportunities as they arise. The development of new skills will allow you to increase your knowledge base and expand your talent, adding value to the organization. Your enhanced value to the company and your own intrinsic confidence will increase as you see yourself as a valued member of the organizational team. Whether you are a salaried or hourly employee, it is important to view yourself as a consultant to the company. In this way, you will not become complacent. On the contrary, you will be aware of, and look forward to, the next opportunity to enhance your career. Career development can be achieved by education, promotion, accepting projects, or volunteering for committees. Change in this way can optimize your value potential. Being prepared for changes in the work environment is essential for you to optimize your career opportunities.

As you think about keeping yourself prepared, consider the fact that if it is in the best interest of your company, firm, or organization, they will change your employment status. Loyalty, knowledge, and talent does not make you immune to the company's two primary needs', to survive and prosper. Therefore, if you find a new, exciting, and lucrative career opportunity, you must evaluate and explore this opportunity. Remember, if you think like a consultant then you are always open to new experiences, because consultants are ALWAYS looking for their next opportunity.

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